You Won’t Feel A Thing

Waaaaaaaasssssssssuuuuuuppppp.jpeg! Episode 7 of the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast features the guys in You Won’t Feel A Thing!!! They may very well be the heaviest band in Louisville, also that may be a bias statement but if you want to find out for yourself then you need to see them live asap! They also happen to be some of the chilliest and nicest dudes on Earth.

You Won’t Feel A Thing is a 4 piece metalcore band from Louisville Ky who are currently in the studio recording their upcoming EP with Devon Meredith of Gallifrey Falls! Which I can not wait to hear what they have put together! If you are a fan of melodic/heavy metalcore then YWFAT are up your alley. The single is a roller coaster of emotion with heavy bone crushing riffs, amazing lead tapping, massive in your face drums, catchy cleans, and screams that will make you want to slam dance elderly people.

Check out their single “Face Your Fears” @

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Paul Kasper (vocals), Trent Barnett (drums), Travis Fahey (rhythm guitar/clean vocals), Syrus Nelson (lead guitar) and Elliot (band mascot?) rolled through to take you guys on a feel trip! Some things we talked about in this episode are how we all love Trixie’s Entertainment Complex, the surrounding local music scenes, describing their sound, crazy shows they have played/been to, how YWFAT formed, why Trent is so fascinated with tornados, and many shout outs to family/friends!


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