Light Treasons

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I managed to get one more interview in the books. EP 2 is with special guests Rob Diver, Zack Pennington, and Jared Howell of Light Treasons! They are a unsigned 5 piece rock band out of Louisville Kentucky and they are very well seasoned in their craft.

I remember when I first saw them at New Vintage for Artifex Pereo’s home town show, I didn’t think they would be anything spectacular. Within minutes of the first song I had to pick up my jaw off the floor! I was blown away at how catchy every song was, how coherent all the instruments were and the overall tightness of the band, I instantly became a fan. The music is groovy, exciting, and more than anything it is refreshing. This isn’t just some re hashed butt rock music, this is pure kick ass rock! If you don’t believe me just have a listen for yourself!

In this episode you will hear the intro to their song The Romantic off their upcoming album Fortunes. We talked about the early stages of Light Treasons, No Shave November, the song writing/concept behind their upcoming album, meeting some crazy fans on the road and much more!

Make sure you check out their website at where you can jam their music, watch music videos, connect and follow them on all social media platforms. Also I highly recommend subscribing to their text alerts which will update you directly with new information about their music or upcoming shows!

Photo Credit: Charles Hill Photography


7 long months later the boys in Light Treasons are back for WRWpodcast first time ever, round two! Listen to the sounds of us cracking open cold ones, talking about their new album Fortunes, praising Jordan Haynes for being a engineering god, how Clay Nevels invented “mumble” rap, breaking down the pyramid schemes, sneaking into Vans Warp Tour shows, and Group Me dumpster fires!

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ALSO: If you want to watch the podcast, here you go > VIDEO!