An Interview With Billy Decker!

This marks EP 10 of the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast!! So with that being said I wanted to do something special and something a little different. Normally the podcast is primarily focused on show casing local artist/bands but this episode is with the top notch country mixing guru Billy Decker<Click here to check out his website!

Now if you don’t know who Billy Decker is don’t feel bad because I had no idea who he was either until he came on the URM PODCAST <click here to listen to that episode!

But lets just say he is a big deal!

He has 12 #1 country mixes on the Country Billboard Chart and counting! Artist he has mixed for include: Same Hunt, Rodney Atkins, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Cassadee Pope and many many more (The list is quite impressive!)

In this episode we talk about his up bringing, how his career in the music industry started, some of his highs and lows in the business, what separates amateur mixes from the pro mixes, which artist he would like to work with dead or alive and much much more! I hope you can find some nuggets of wisdom in this episode or a dash of inspiration to continue pursuing a career in the music industry, I know I did!