Parallel Colors

Where do I even begin describing the epicness of this band!? For starters its an instrumental band with only 3 guys, Ben Elliot (Drums), Chase Bensing (Guitar) and Curtis Rankin (Bass). Some how they have found a way to weave mellow/chill vibes with heavy/shreddy riffs and fills that will take you on a feel trip! The guys label themselves as a post-metal/progressive rock trio but the way I would describe how they sound would be a mix of Mastadon and Between The Buried And Me.

One of the most impressive things about this band is that they are all DIY. Chase Bensing did all the recordings/mixing/mastering for their debut EP Terminal and he also did the artwork which looks freaking gorgeous!

Aside from the amazing musicianship these guys make a good case for being the nicest dudes on the planet. They literally brought over one of their band shirts as a gift! Now my co host Jordan can finally spice up his wardrobe with some Parallel Colors swagger!

With all this being said make sure to check them out on all social media outlets:

Parallel Colors – Facebook 

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Parallel Colors – Soundcloud

Not going to lie this interview is quite long but there is a lot of great content and comedy in this episode that makes every minute worth while!




Are you a fan of bone crushing guitar riffs? What about ambient and dynamic vocals that will melt your face?!?!? If you answered yes then you will dig the hell out of the band Cohen! I had the pleasure of interviewing the whole band with my buddy Jordan, his first time co hosting, PS: well done sir! Interviewing a whole band is a first for the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast and a first to feature a co host. Finally a interview where we can shit talk each other in person! But in all seriousness the vibe was awesome and the interview is packed with great insight about who and what is Cohen.

Cohen is a four-piece experimental hardcore band based out of Murray, Kentucky. How ever I would describe them as if Carnifex had a baby with Suicide Silence (pre tee hee’s). In the beginning of this episode you will hear a teaser from their single “f l y m o u t h” which if you Click here will take you directly to the music video!

My first encounter with Cohen was through a sponsor ad that was a teaser for “f l y m o u t h” music video. Within that 18 second teaser I was hooked! The drum groove sounded massive, the guitar and bass had this lo-fi heavy distorted tone that would make any girls panties fall off, pretty sure I had to change my boxers. Last but not least the vocals, there is this super brutal demonic presence about them that makes your eyes light up, “Hooolllyyyshit..”

To put all of this in a nutshell, anyone who is a fan of heavy metal will find Cohen eargasmic! 

In this interview we talked about how Cohen started, influences, mustache wax, first time playing live, recording the singles, shooting a music video, possible features on the upcoming album, the infamous old guy who messaged them stating they sucked, hints to what the upcoming songs will sound like and much much more!


Make sure to follow them on all social media so you can check out where and when they are playing next!

Their Website




Snapchat: cohenband

f l y m o u t h music video



Really stoked that I was able to interview Chris Wethington and Billy Zimpleman of Softspoken! Unfortunately Logan, Garrett, and Zach couldn’t make it but we gave them a shout out any way. Softspoken is a 5 piece post-hardcore band hailing from Florence Kentucky who have been making great strides for a band that has only been around for less than a year!

My first encounter with Softspoken was back in 2016 when they opened up for previous podcast guest Light Treasons at Spinelli’s Downtown. Their sound was quite nostalgic, it reminded me of the glory days of early metalcore and I became an instant fan! The real cherry on top was their stage presence, they can really put on a show!

At the start of the interview you will hear a 15-20 second clip of the the new single, “Fix Myself” For the full song click here: Fix Myself

In this interview we talked about how Softspoken came to be, our tattoos, musical influences, signing to We Are Triumphant, recording with Cameron Mizell of Chango Studios, Chris’s time spent in Japan, and the really hard hitting question, “Do pineapples go on pizza?!?”

Make sure to also save the date for the release of their new debut EP Pathways out 3/17/17! Pre order at: Pathways on Itunes or Pathways pre order bundle! ____________________________________________________________________________________

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9 months ago the Chris and Billy were over talking about Softspoken and how it all started. Fast forwarding to present day Softspoken has been touring, battling member changes and writing new material! The new members are Sam Scheuer on the vocals and Myka Meeks on the drums. You would think having two new guys would hinder the band’s progression but it has only helped skyrocket their sound and musicianship!

Despite some hardships the band is coming out with a brand new album and a new single titled “Begin Again” which you can listen to now!

Check out this amazing pre order bundle deal > HERE!

In this episode we talked about the addition of Sam and Myka. Their recent tour, recording again with Cameron Mizell, what the new single “Begin Again” means, discussing our tattoos, what they listen to on tour, why they created “The Speakers” Facebook group, and much much more!

Make sure to follow Softspoken on all forms of social media:
Band’s Website
The Speakers Facebook group

Light Treasons

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I managed to get one more interview in the books. EP 2 is with special guests Rob Diver, Zack Pennington, and Jared Howell of Light Treasons! They are a unsigned 5 piece rock band out of Louisville Kentucky and they are very well seasoned in their craft.

I remember when I first saw them at New Vintage for Artifex Pereo’s home town show, I didn’t think they would be anything spectacular. Within minutes of the first song I had to pick up my jaw off the floor! I was blown away at how catchy every song was, how coherent all the instruments were and the overall tightness of the band, I instantly became a fan. The music is groovy, exciting, and more than anything it is refreshing. This isn’t just some re hashed butt rock music, this is pure kick ass rock! If you don’t believe me just have a listen for yourself!

In this episode you will hear the intro to their song The Romantic off their upcoming album Fortunes. We talked about the early stages of Light Treasons, No Shave November, the song writing/concept behind their upcoming album, meeting some crazy fans on the road and much more!

Make sure you check out their website at where you can jam their music, watch music videos, connect and follow them on all social media platforms. Also I highly recommend subscribing to their text alerts which will update you directly with new information about their music or upcoming shows!

Photo Credit: Charles Hill Photography


7 long months later the boys in Light Treasons are back for WRWpodcast first time ever, round two! Listen to the sounds of us cracking open cold ones, talking about their new album Fortunes, praising Jordan Haynes for being a engineering god, how Clay Nevels invented “mumble” rap, breaking down the pyramid schemes, sneaking into Vans Warp Tour shows, and Group Me dumpster fires!

CLICK HERE < To see the details for the listening party June 30th!

CLICK HERE < To see the details for the album release show July 8th!!

ALSO: If you want to watch the podcast, here you go > VIDEO!


A Rumor Of War

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing Jakup Crenshaw, Austin Crass, Josh Hertle, and Forest Kelly of A Rumor Of War. They are a six piece metal-core band based out of Louisville Kentucky who have been taring it up! They have opened up for (to name just a few) Attila, Capture The Crown, Silent Planet, and Dayseeker.

They have a show coming up Nov 3rd at Trixie’s Entertainment Complex (I know, a strip club, crazy right!?) with Born Of Osiris, I See Stars, and Bad Omens, they happen to be the only local band on the card!


With all that being said here is the interview recording. We talked about how A Rumor Of War all started, crazy live show stories, where they see themselves in the future, and which hiphop/rappers they listen to. Feel free to comment or send me feedback and don’t forget to go give them a like on Facebook!

Turning Nothing Into Something

Hey there strangers, welcome to my new site! I created this site with one purpose in mind: Connecting you with Louisville’s local music scene!

It doesn’t matter where you live to be honest, most of us aren’t familiar with local artist. There for I constantly hear people say, “The scene is dead!” or “There aren’t any good bands in Louisville.”

If thats what you think then it’s time to quit living under your rock and get familiar with some of the local artists before they get big.

Hopefully within a month or so I will have some content available for you to check out. The goal is to show case local artist through podcast/blog style entries.

If you know of anyone interested in being interviewed have them Contact me!