It’s March interviewing instrumental bands Madness! This is episode 6 of the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast interviewing with another solid instrumental band Midnight Channels! I got the pleasure to talk with all the members in this interview, Brandon on the guitar,  Jacob slapping the bass, Isaiah playing the keys, and Judah on the drums.

I might eat my words later on when I discover a more talented local band but I have seen these guys twice now and they are by far the grooviest and tightest rehearsed band in the area! Well second to OL’ GIRL (who are also a instrumental band). If you ever want to see a show that will blow your mind make sure you see these guys play!

In this interview we talk about how the band formed, how the name Midnight Channels came about, some of our hobbies, favorite food joints, who would the band feature as a vocalists, and a lot of nerding out on our favorite TV shows and movies!


Make sure to check them out on all forms of social media!

Midnight Channels – Facebook

Midnight Channels – Bandcamp

Instagram – Midnight Channels

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