Where do I even begin describing the epicness of this band!? For starters its an instrumental band with only 3 guys, Ben Elliot (Drums), Chase Bensing (Guitar) and Curtis Rankin (Bass). Some how they have found a way to weave mellow/chill vibes with heavy/shreddy riffs and fills that will take you on a feel trip! The guys label themselves as a post-metal/progressive rock trio but the way I would describe how they sound would be a mix of Mastadon and Between The Buried And Me.

One of the most impressive things about this band is that they are all DIY. Chase Bensing did all the recordings/mixing/mastering for their debut EP Terminal and he also did the artwork which looks freaking gorgeous!

Aside from the amazing musicianship these guys make a good case for being the nicest dudes on the planet. They literally brought over one of their band shirts as a gift! Now my co host Jordan can finally spice up his wardrobe with some Parallel Colors swagger!

With all this being said make sure to check them out on all social media outlets:

Parallel Colors – Facebook 

Parallel Colors – Bandcamp

Parallel Colors – Twitter

Parallel Colors – Instagram

Parallel Colors – Soundcloud

Not going to lie this interview is quite long but there is a lot of great content and comedy in this episode that makes every minute worth while!



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