Are you a fan of bone crushing guitar riffs? What about ambient and dynamic vocals that will melt your face?!?!? If you answered yes then you will dig the hell out of the band Cohen! I had the pleasure of interviewing the whole band with my buddy Jordan, his first time co hosting, PS: well done sir! Interviewing a whole band is a first for the Whatcha Recording Willis Podcast and a first to feature a co host. Finally a interview where we can shit talk each other in person! But in all seriousness the vibe was awesome and the interview is packed with great insight about who and what is Cohen.

Cohen is a four-piece experimental hardcore band based out of Murray, Kentucky. How ever I would describe them as if Carnifex had a baby with Suicide Silence (pre tee hee’s). In the beginning of this episode you will hear a teaser from their single “f l y m o u t h” which if you Click here will take you directly to the music video!

My first encounter with Cohen was through a sponsor ad that was a teaser for “f l y m o u t h” music video. Within that 18 second teaser I was hooked! The drum groove sounded massive, the guitar and bass had this lo-fi heavy distorted tone that would make any girls panties fall off, pretty sure I had to change my boxers. Last but not least the vocals, there is this super brutal demonic presence about them that makes your eyes light up, “Hooolllyyyshit..”

To put all of this in a nutshell, anyone who is a fan of heavy metal will find Cohen eargasmic! 

In this interview we talked about how Cohen started, influences, mustache wax, first time playing live, recording the singles, shooting a music video, possible features on the upcoming album, the infamous old guy who messaged them stating they sucked, hints to what the upcoming songs will sound like and much much more!


Make sure to follow them on all social media so you can check out where and when they are playing next!

Their Website




Snapchat: cohenband

f l y m o u t h music video


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