My name is William Willis. I’m an easy going guy who enjoys the arts, especially music! I currently live in Louisville Kentucky where I record/produce/mix music.

In 2011 I finished an internship in east Nashville under Elijah Shaw of Toy Box Studio. It was long days of setting up for recording sessions, grabbing lunch for clients, trying to keep myself from doing anything stupid, and cleaning up the studio. There were days where I felt like I didn’t belong and there were some days where my efforts were rewarded with a pat on the back. It was an experience I was grateful for and if I had to do it all over again I would in a heart beat!

Fast forward a couple of years! I’ve been slaving away doing all sorts of day jobs, recording and mixing music on the side. Ultimately my goal is to be a full time recording/mixing engineer but I’d like to try something different and shift my focus on something else that’s been heavy on my heart.

Starting a podcast/blog where I interview local artist to help promote the local music scene! 

The goal of this site is to connect people to artist they never knew about or to show case those who are passionate enough to put themselves out there. I firmly believe the music scene in Kentucky is one of the best and it has something for everyone to enjoy!